Challenges Faced by Sales Management


Measurement & Reporting

  1. Salespeople drop a prospect right after the forecast comes out, we don’t know about it until the next forecast
  2. Can’t tell if we will meet our sales goals during the period
  3. Don’t know the true sales cycle for each product
  4. Difficulty assessing new salespeople
  5. Can’t see the middle of the pipeline, just what is going in and coming out


Management Time

  1. Don’t have enough time to travel with all the salespeople
  2. Don’t have time to talk to each sales person about each prospect
  3. Don’t spend sufficient time with those salespeople who need help


Management Effectiveness

  1. Have no way to know about problem prospects unless alerted by salespeople
  2.  Learn too late about lost opportunities (too late to get in and help reverse)
  3. Don’t have tools to be as proactive as I would like, find myself being mostly reactive
  4. Don’t have accurate information regarding why business is being lost
  5. Don’t have a system that tells me which prospects a salesperson needs help with
  6. Don’t have a method to identify a salesperson’s recurring problems


Salesperson Effort

  1. Unaware of intermittent lapses in salesperson’s effort
  2. Difficulty assessing the effort the salespeople


Salesperson Effectiveness

  1. Can’t determine specific salesforce training needs
  2. Can’t pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of individual salespeople
  3. Difficulty assessing salesperson’s impact on a territory
  4. Salespeople are not focusing on the best revenue opportunities


Challenges Faced by Sales Management