Business presents a number of challenges on our road to success.

Well thought out solutions are the key to overcoming these obstacles.


One of the world’s largest manufactures of graphic arts finishing equipment, Muller Martini, was looking to refresh its brand in North America. The challenge was to remain consistent with corporate identity however to freshen the brand positioning while maintaining that consistency. The result, five years of consistent sales growth in a down trending industry.


This raw start up fitness center desired to raise its level of brand up to level of its services. This closely held small company was restrained by budget but developed a very unique brand positioning that has become prominent in the long island fitness community.


Fidelity is perhaps one of the most established financial entities in the USA. It’s New York title agency desired to step up its services and to offer a higher level of resources to its clients. Through an interactive secured website, clients have been able to leverage this portal of unlimited resources available at any time. Additionally, the implementation of corporate guidelines has helped enforce the brand consistency and the overall service to their agents.

RS Precision

For 64 years RS Precision has provided machining services to some of our countries most advanced manufacturers. RS Precision works under the guidelines of AS9100, ISO 9001 and ITAR, resulting in delivering the finest in machining quality to a number of mission critical companies. Today RS Precision’s brand is recognized throughout industries such as aerospace, defense, medical and other demanding environments.


Duralee Contract is often seen as the “best kept secret” within the fabrics industry. Therefore, they need to get themselves into the mind-set of young designers and specifiers and convince them that Duralee Contract has everything they need (fabric selection) to satisfy their clients.
Q Group recently created a distinctive image-building ad campaign designed to breakthrough the clutter and generate instant awareness within the interior design industry. The ads feature their latest collections and the iconic food and fabric visuals create a strong sensory appeal.
The ad campaign generated extremely positive industry feedback.

EVENT JOURNAL, an on-line system for creating fundraising journals, needed to position and articulate its beneficial offerings to event planners, as create a more consistent brand identity.
Q Group developed an all-new positioning and color palette which clearly differentiated EVENTjournal’s offerings, while reflecting a dynamic professionalism to engage event planners. Through a revised logo, new website and sales collateral, tradeshow display, and e-mail blasts, the message is clear: transforming tradition, maximizing support. is becoming the recognized e-journal leader within the fundraising event industry.


The office furniture industry is dominated by somewhat mundane, product-driven advertising and promotion which, more often than not, fails to differentiate either the brand or the supplier.
Q Group developed a highly engaging, somewhat irreverent campaign featuring eye-catching, clever headlines and photography which not only attracted attention, but positioned The Workplace Group as a smart and hip provider of office furniture.
The campaign positively impacted the brand’s awareness, and resulted in a 35% increase in annual sales 12-18 months after the campaign originated. In addition, the clever headlines became infectious as customers began referring to The Workplace Group’s offering as “cube-a-licious.”


TRITECH was known as a leading communications systems integrator. It recently acquired both an Audiovisual and Security company. The convergence of theses three services mandated a new positioning that communicated the efficiencies and value of one single source for the engineering, installation, and maintenance of communications, AV, and security systems.
Q Group developed the tagline “Connecting Your Business” to communicate not just TRITECH’s new mission, but the all-inclusiveness of its system integrator offerings. In addition, “The Power of One” campaign, a refreshed logo, corporate stationery, corporate brochure, and new website powerfully reflected the brand’s new identity.
Q Group developed a consistent, unified look for all of TRITECH’s marketing and advertising material which, collectively, represented a powerful systems integrator solution for corporate enterprises.


Refresh Whitsons’ corporate identity to make the brand more contemporary and competitive with larger food service companies. This refreshed identity needed to be translated across all marketing collateral materials.
Q Group developed a new enhanced logo and detailed color palette that has been incorporated into their new corporate identity, corporate brochure and vertical market brochures, as well as incorporated into the interior design of their new corporate headquarters.
Whitsons’ brand image has been completely transformed and their market position has improved within the increasingly competitive food service industry.