Our Mission is Your Success

Q Group is a marketing and sales organization with a single mission: to help you make more money. But before that can happen, we need to ask some tough questions.
Questions like:
What are your yearly corporate goals?
Do you know the best way, most efficient way to find your best prospects?
Are you, and you alone, the company’s rainmaker?
When it comes to your product or service, does your entire organization speak with one common voice?
Do you have an executable marketing plan that delivers a return on your investment?
Typically, many small to medium size businesses don’t have the answers to many of these questions. That’s because they’re lacking a well-defined, consistent business generation process.

At Q Group, in order to achieve our mission—and help you make more money—we need to be sure our clients recognize that the business generation process is just as critical as any other business process, be it accounting, recruitment, purchasing, or manufacturing.

Bottom line? If you don’t have a business generation process in place, you cannot generate growth.

But, precisely what kind of business generation process are we referring to? One that pays off on your investment, naturally. You’ve heard it referred to as Return on Investment (ROI). At Q Group, we call it Return on Marketing (ROM).

Q Result Process

Q Group provides the critical connection between your marketing and sales objectives, culminating in an integrated marketing and sales plan that results in growth. Our process is straightforward and all encompassing. From strategy to execution.
Measurability and results.
Discovery. We’re great listeners, and that’s because we ask great questions. Lots and lots of great questions. We’ll learn all we need to know about your company, your targets, and your competitors.
Strategic Planning. We’ll create a Marketing Action Plan that defines objectives and goals, and includes action steps, budget, timeline and resource allocation.
Create. We’ll help you establish acute clarity for your vision. We’ll ensure that your brand identity and collateral positioning speak the same voice to the right target.
Identify opportunities. We’ll develop lead generation processes that uncover opportunities to generate business with the right prospects.

Measure. We’ll implement a measuring system that provides feedback needed to continually improve the process. The result? A measurable, accountable marketing and sales program designed to make your business more profitable.