What Prospects Often Tell Us

Q Group encounters a number of similar scenarios as to why clients seek us out. See if you can relate to any of them:

1. “We’ve been there, done that and have executed some great marketing ideas. Unfortunately, we simply don’t have the time or the resources to maintain a consistent marketing program”. Many small to medium-size organizations lack the luxury of a well-staffed marketing department. Good ideas and intentions abound, but unforeseen priorities often detract from more thorough execution. Q Group can be a welcomed, cost-effective outsource solution. We’ll guarantee not just great marketing ideas, but the commitment required for success.

2. “Marketing just doesn’t work for us. We did a mailing, and got absolutely no results”. More often than not, one isolated marketing effort is not an efficient or effective way to garner response. In order to generate both consistent and powerful impact, a campaign must integrate a variety of integrated marketing and sales tactics, each seamlessly piggybacking on concurrent efforts.

3. “Our sales team consists of trusted, experienced, and successful veteransLately, however, they’re not getting the same results”. At Q Group, we believe there can be no separation between marketing and sales. It’s paramount that your sales manager and sales team are completely synchronized with the marketing process. The lack of this connection is many times the root cause of a client’s failure to achieve a successful ROM (return on marketing).

4. “We’ve done brand marketing for years. We’ve tweaked our logo, revitalized our color palette, and come up with some dynamic taglines”. The results, however, just aren’t particularly tangible. Eight out of ten clients didn’t have a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) when we first met them. At Q Group, we demand one. That’s because the road to success starts with a thoughtful, actionable plan. We’ll then monitor the MAP and adjust it as market conditions fluctuate and change. First steps with Q? Define your goals, your prospects, and the best, most efficient way to reach them.