Acquisition Strategy Checklist


What are we trying to accomplish?


Is this in concert with our strategic plan and our vision for the future?


Will this acquisition strategy help us do that?


Will this acquisition strategy lead us to new opportunities?


Will this acquisition strategy lead us to new problems or challenges?


Is our criteria narrow enough to prevent diversionary excursions?


Is our criteria so narrow that we will never find a viable candidate?


Will our criteria allow us to get into areas where we have inadequate knowledge or expertise?


Have we addressed:

  • Our core competencies?
  • Our management strengths and weaknesses?
  • Our market preference or knowledge?
  • Our product and production expertise?
  • Our service expertise?
  • Our channels to the market?


Are we willing to be opportunistic?

  • If yes, does the criteria allow that?
  • If no, does the criteria prevent it?


Are we really willing and able to execute any deal that meets the criteria?

  • Financially?
  • Organizationally?
  • Geographically?
  • Emotionally?


Do we really want to do this?


Are we sure we really want to do this?


Acquisition Strategy