Trade Show Facts


  • Trade Shows account for over 18% of the marketing budget of most companies today. Fortune 1,000 and 1,500 companies *
  • Corporate Trade Show budgets have increased by more than 50% in the last two years. *
  • The 200 largest US trade shows have over 100,000 participating companies spending a total of in excess of $40 billion every year. *
  • Trade shows were named as the sales tool with the greatest impact on the purchase of technology. *
  • 91% of visitors receive their most useful buying information from events and trade shows. **
  • 90% of attendees have not been seen by the exhibiting company in the past 12 months. **
  • 72% of purchasers reported that the show influenced their purchase decision. **
  • 76% of those attending trade shows select the vendors they are planning to see, even before they step foot on the trade show floor. **
  • 59% of all attendees make their purchase after the trade show is over. *
  • Trade Shows are growing at a rate of 10%-12% per years, and are expected to continue this growth for at least the next 5 years. **
  • Trade Shows continue to be the best source of information in making purchasing decisions. ***
  • Trade Shows continue to capture the highest caliber of economic decision-makers. ***
  • 47% of marketers view them as having the highest ROI of all marketing activities. ***
  • 72% of customers identified them as their #1 buying influence. ***
  • 86% of customers agree that they increase their likelihood of purchasing products. ***
  • 68% agree that they deepen their existing relationship with the company. ***
  • Trade Shows remain the principal buying venue in many industries. ***
  • Major companies, usually have one major show, and two local or focused shows a quarter. With these trade shows they are able to keep their sales forces in qualified leads, and look forward to closing orders. *
  • Today it costs a company $550 to $850 for a salesperson to make a sales call. *
  • A company cannot afford to have sales people make “cold calls”. A sales person should be used to “close” orders, not generate suspects. Using trade shows as your source of qualified leads is the answer.
  • Only one out of seven companies exhibiting at a trade show will be successful. **


*Source: Center for Exhibit Industry Research **Source: Simmons Market Research Bureau ***Source: TSEA


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Trade Show Coach Q&A


How does my company get started in using your Trade Show coaching services?

First item of business is a meeting with a client and review his or her requirements. With that effort completed H & A then develops a proposal with recommendations to accomplish what was discussed in the initial meeting. The preliminary proposal is presented and reviewed so that everyone understands exactly what is to be accomplished. If changes are needed to the proposal, they are made and a final proposal is submitted, signed by either the President or a senior member of the Management. At that time the proposal is agreed, approved and signed by and a company presents a retainer check for partial payment, so that we can move forward.

What does a trade show coach do?

A trade show coach evaluates the client’s present trade show program, reviews and processes all of the information and documentation, puts in place a step by step process, with the end result being that the trade show will generate sales opportunities. The trade show coach focus is on the Pre-Show, Show, and Post-Show efforts.

Don’t all trade show consultants and Exhibit Managers do this?

The majority of trade show consultants focus on the graphics, booth, shipping or drayage. Most trade show consultants represent of sell some type of booth or display and know what is required for getting the booth assembled at the show, and shipped from the home office to a show and back again. While, this is important, it does nothing to get suspects to the booth, quality prospects and generate sales opportunities.

Why is this effort so important?

Many companies treat trade shows as an expense, not an investment. A trade show is a marketing tool that planned correctly and used effectively will generate cost effective sales opportunities for the company. Most companies just “show up” at a trade show, very few do the “follow up” on the leads generated at the show. The educated exhibitor knows there is more to a trade show than graphics, tag line and a booth.

What do you mean when you say “cost effective” sales opportunities?

If the trade show is done correctly, with the necessary pre-show effort, most major trade shows will produce more “qualified” sales opportunities at a three day trade show then a sales person can produce in six months.

Why is it important for Trade Shows to be part of the marketing plan?

Many marketing professionals really do not comprehend the importance of trade shows. In many companies the marketing department treats trade shows as an “add-on” and it is usually the first item to be cut if cost saving plan is implemented due to lack of sales. Yet, the knowledgeable marketer sees the importance of trade shows and realized that a planned trade show program and an effective lead follow up plan can produce more qualified leads for the company in 2 or 3 days of a trade show, than a sales person can making cold calls for six months.

Who do you work with in an organization?

In most small to medium sized companies I work directly with the President/CEO and key members of the management team. For the larger organizations my efforts are primarily with the marketing and sales departments.

Why is it necessary to develop a trade show script?

There are just so many questions that you will be asked, as an exhibitor, at a trade show. The purpose of a script is to ensure that all of the booth personnel tell the same story.

What if I only need help on the major Trade Shows where I plan to exhibit? can help you with one trade show, your complete trade show program, or a complete Trade Show. The purpose of a trade show coach is to make all of your trade shows effective. A trade show coach can take an average company trade show and make it more effective by focusing on the company’s strengths and capabilities.

What is the scope of your services and associated costs?

The costs are directly related to the effort necessary to confidently exhibit and produce worthwhile sales opportunities in a cost effect environment. Some clients prefer to negotiate a flat rate per trade show that will take into consideration all of the aspects of the trade show from conception to lead generation and follow up.


Some clients prefer a weekly rate, while other clients prefer a yearly retainer where H & A develops all the documentation needed for each trade show as well as being responsible for delivery, setup, breakdown and shipping.


This effort is developed in concert with the company’s marketing and sales management with reports developed for the CEO and company’s financial officer. This effort includes, but is not limited to the following: Pre-show, Show, Post show efforts and an activity report for management on the trade show.

What other services are offered by the a vision of John A. Hill & Associates, Inc.?

The following are additional services offered:

  • Review of Trade Show Program and Recommendations
  • Major Account Penetration and Investigation
  • Analysis and overview of competitors at a specific trade show
  • Introduction of Foreign Products into the US Market Utilizing Selected Trade Show

Can you do a Trade Show from start to finish?

Yes. I have a number of strategic and business partners that I work with that can assist me in any trade show situation from a one client booth or desktop, to being responsible for a complete trade show exposition.

What kind of budget does a client have to possess to interest

It is the nature of the clients’ business and their goals and objectives of the trade show that interest us. Budget is secondary.

Do you work without budgets?

No. We prefer to work with a budget. It is important that we know what type of investment the client intends to make, and what they expect to accomplish at the trade show.

Do you work on a retainer basis?

We prefer to work on a retainer basis, because trade show programs can stretch out of months when the Pre-show effort is being done, or the priorities of the company changes. Our fee structure is competitive and reasonable.

What geographies are you active in?

We have worked on trade shows on both a National and International basis. While many of our clients come from Long Island and the tri-state area, we have worked with clients in Washington DC, England, France, Germany, Italy and Latin America.

Do you concentrate on certain areas or industries?

Our emphasis has been in technology with including healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical. But we have also worked Homeland Security, Banking, Staffing and Education as well.

What makes different from other companies in the trade show industry?

Most companies that are involved in the trade show industry focus on the booth and graphics. While that is important it does not focus on the purpose of the trade show, which is to generate sales opportunities. Granted, you need an attractive and eye appealing booth that will stand out and make the attendees stop, but after they stop, then you need to qualify and determine if the person would have a need for your product and service.

You say you handle the Pre-Show, Show and Post Show Effort. What does that mean?

These are the areas where most companies who exhibit at a trade show fail. As the experienced trade show exhibitor knows, there is more to a trade show than a booth, graphics and a tag line. While Trade Show consultants focus on the Booth, graphics, shipping, etc. I focus on what needs to be accomplished in order to have a successful trade show experience. Success to me means many qualified leads that will produce sales opportunities.   T: 516.473.7207    F: 631.980.4445                                                      E-mail: URL:




Trade Show Facts