The Profitmaker’s Top 10 CELEBRATION Tools

Practiced by a Lot of People Who Like People!

  1. 1. Personal Notes Home = Send individual cheerleading and congratulating notes to maximize results.
  1. 2. Celebrate Successes = Report against key goals and regularly celebrate those that are achieved. Your people will respond with repeated superior performance.
  1. 3. Recognition Buck$ = Employees recognize each other for positive actions; extends recognition. As Ken Blanchard said in The One-Minute Manager “go out and catch someone doing something right!” When you do, give out a Recognition Buck.
  1. 4. “Harley” Hot Button = Your key player won’t buy it for himself match something he really wants or needs, but either can’t or won’t buy for himself, to achieving a key goal.
  1. 5. Walk the 4 Corners = Recognize and celebrate daily successes just by walking around and talking with people. Get the company’s officers to go shake hands and congratulate everyone on all 3 shifts. Get the CEO to go out to say thank you to someone.
  1. 6. Awards, Awards, Awards! = Have monthly, quarterly, and annual awards! You can’t over-do this unless you’re the type that can’t give awards. If so, get someone near you who can!
  1. 7. Manager’s Top 10 Recognition Tools = Go back and take another look at the Top 10 Recognition Tools. If there’s one thing to take away from this document, it’s EMPLOY RECOGNITION. It’s only the all-time tool!
  1. 8. Two Good Celebration Books = Bob Nelson, associated with Ken Blanchard, has twb business best sellers out just now: “1001 Ways to Reward Employees” and “1001 Ways to Energize Employees “. While not as erudite as this work-in-progress, they’re pretty much “right on” with our direction here!
  1. 9. Silver Dollar$ There’s just no better way to say it than what Chuck Reaves says: give them something “hard and shiny”! Chuck’s inimitable style says it best: people like hardware! So give them a memento that outlasts us mortals. Give them Silver Dollar$ or a close likeness!
  1. 10. “YCDBSOYB” = Regularly injecting fun into business keeps it fresh and interesting. YCDBSOYB? You can’t do business sitting on your butt!)


The Profitmakers’ Top 10 CELEBRATION Tools