Social Networking

On March 12th the annual joint Human Resources/Education Workforce Connection Committee Meeting was held at Clearvision Optical. As part of the Virtual HIA initiative helping members collaborate and connect to others and the global world the topic was “Social Networking: A New Resource for Job Recruiting and Business Development”

The Guest Speakers were Theresa Billy from SetFocus who discussed “What is Social Media?” with a focus on how to use it to recruit employees and Dean Mercado from OnlineMarketingMuscle who discussed “Benefits of Leveraging Social Media in Your Business” with a focus on marketing and business-building.

Theresa Billy began by discussing social media, channels and applications – including blogs, podcasts and networking sites, YouTube, Flickr and FriendFeed. She spoke about the benefits, trends and demographic of each and demonstrated three sites; Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

-Demographics of sites age as the sites become more mainstream.

-Facebook audience age is now 30+

Need to Know:

-Social Media is a skill and a personality

-Social Media is branding

-Your presence and message need to be consistent

-Social Media is conversational and based on trust and respect

-There are no do overs … Act, don’t react and make sure to plan and prepare.

Dean Mercado gave tips of how to use your online marketing muscle.

I. The 3 Purposes of Marketing:

• Credibility

• Visibility

• Reach your target market

2. Top 5 Ways to increase your credibility using Social • Share educational content – videos, tips, etc. • Q&A – post and answer questions

• Create and lead a group

• Have lots of “friends” “connections” and expert “1 • Get testimonials and endorsements

3. Top 5 ways to increase your visibility using Social 1′ • Keep in touch with people (strategy) – • Invite people to events

• Connect and introduce people

• Announcements – let people know what’s happeni • Post photos and tasteful content

4. lop 5 ways to increase your reach using Social Nett • Leverage your connections

• Ask questions – see what answers you get • Reach out to your target market

• Actively participate in groups, etc.

• Ethical bribes – give something away


Social Networking