Desired Results:

All attendees understand why and how goal-setting technology works and
why it is necessary for achieving desired results in organizations.

All attendees learn specific, practical techniques for applying goal-setting
technology when working with individuals (e.g., people who report to
them; peers; customers; suppliers; etc.) and teams (e.g., their
departmental team of subordinates; the supervisory, management, or
executive team of which they are a member; etc.).

All Business Planning Conference (BPC) participants understand and
agree on the results to be achieved at the conference:

(1) understand the elements of the Performance Management System

(2) decide which PMS elements will be developed for the organization;



decide other objectives or results to be achieved.

Decide preparation required;

(1) client/customer assessment data;

(2) vendor/supplier assessment data;

(3) environmental scan data;

(4) internal organization assessment data;

(5) other as desired (e.g., marketing and/or sales plan or data;
financial information; etc.).

Decide BPC specifics:

(1) attendees;

(2) dates and times;

(3) location;

(4) attire;

(5) recreation;

(6) other as desired (e.g., social events; meals; etc.).


a. All people who will attend the BPC;

C J. McNeil & Associates, Inc .• P.O. Box 3447 • Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 • (619) 756-2136



Other organization people if “Managing for Results”(see 1.a. and 1.b.
above) presentation is to be included.

Agenda and Preparation

The agenda should include the items in 1.a. through 1.e. above.

No preparation is required.

Provide a complete set of handouts at that time.


C J. McNeil & Associates, Inc .• P.O. Box 3447. Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 • (619) 7562136


Business Planning Conference Preparation Meeting