National Change of Address


o The NCOA file is a consolidated file of move information that on average contains approximately 108 million permanent change-of-address (COA) records filed with the U.S. Postal Service. Each record contains the relocating Postal customers name along with an Old and New address. The Old address is the one compared to the NCOA customers list for matching purposes and the New address is the one returned, ~ a match is made, to the customer. These records are retained on the file for a three year period from the move effective date.

o The source of The NCOA data is a permanent Change of Address (COA) filed by the relocating postal customer. Approximately 40 million of These COA’s are filed annually. The NCOA database is updated every two weeks with this information.

o The new address supplied by the postal customer must be ZIP.4 codeable to qualify for addition to the NCOA file.

o The typical profile of the new address information contained in the 108 million records on the NCOA file is as follows:

84.30% are forwardable moves (contain address information)

12.85% are moved-left-no-address

2.65% are P0 BOX closed

0.20% are foreign moves

o All input addresses submitted by an NCOA customer are standardized and Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified ZIP-’4/DPC processed. New address information is provided only when an NCOA match to the input name and address is attained.

o The provision of Change Of Address information is controlled by strict name and address matching logic. To make the best use of the information returned to them from the NCOA process, potential customers should understand NCOA matching logic. All matches made to the NCOA file require complete address matching logic. Name matching logic is determined by the move type in the data record on the NCOA file that is a candidate for a match.

Move Types and associated Name Logic are:

1- Individual Match on first name, middle name or initial, surname and litle required. (The NCOA customer can elect to have only individual match logic utilized regardless of the move type

in the NCOA record when the file is processed.)

2- Family Match to surname only

3- Business Match on entire business name.

The NCOA file is comprised of approximately 47% family moves, 47% individual moves and 6% business moves.

o When posaib1e, postal customers who move multiple times within the three year period are linked or chained to ensure that the latest address is furnished when an NCOA match is attained. This is not always possible if subsequent COA’s are not flied in exactly the same manner- as a COA filed previously (e.g., if move types differ family vs individual then they will not be chained.)

o NCOA /NIXIE matching is an optional process that can be requested by the customer from most NCOA licensees. The Nixie matching process provides footnotes indicating why an authorized NCOA match could NOT be made to the input address (e.g., Nixie code ‘U’ —Apartment Number Missing).

o A National Deliverability Index (NDI) report is supplied for each list that is NCOA processed providing a uniform methodology to evaluate deliverability of the address list.

Every customer taking advantage of NCOA processing must have completed and returned to their NCOA licensee the NCOA PROCESSING ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM’ provided to them by their licensee.