Challenges Faced by Salespeople


Sales person Time

  1. Too busy to prospect
  2. Too busy to inform management of their activities
  3. Doing too much farming and not enough hunting
  4. Don’t know how to best allocate their time


Salesperson Effectiveness

  1. Don’t know when to bring in sales management help
  2. Spend too much time working on the unlikely opportunities
  3. Difficulty separating buyers from information seekers
  4. Don’t understand what needs to be accomplished to advance a sale
  5. Not prospecting enough
  6. Don’t effectively re-qualify throughout the sales process
  7. Closing ratio is too low
  8. Sales cycle is too long
  9. Don’t understand what they need to do to shorten the sales cycle
  10. Don’t know how to avoid steep hills and valleys of sales performance


Measurement & Reporting

  1. Difficulty forecasting future sales
  2. Unrealistic opinions of opportunity closing potential (rose colored glasses)


Challenges Faced by Salespeople