Business Development


The very essence of marketing and advertising seeks to convey a message to prospective clients with the hopes of concrete results that ultimately develop new business for your organization. At Q Group, we view the sales aspect of the business generation process as a necessary component in the culmination of the marketing and advertising cycle.

Frequently, businesses embark on their marketing endeavors with a specific plan. This plan comprises a comprehensive strategic outline with tactics to achieve certain goals. Additionally, the essential advertising element integrates into the plan by supporting and reinforcing the message. Too often the marketing management cycle concludes at this point and proceeds to the next venture or continuously monitors the same effort.

We see more potential at this stage — the sales process – an integral and all too often absent element on the back end. Seldom do the sales process and message synchronize to further achieve the marketing and advertising goals.

In order to attain a maximum close ratio, the sales team (or recruiting staff), must work synergistically with the marketing team. In today’s business world, the sales team often must interpret the intricacies of the marketing effort on their own. While the marketing effort should be communicated effectively, the true message can be capitalized on in a face-to-face sales environment. If the sales team communicates the message property, the result frequently benefits the prospect and has an extremely positive effect on the ability to close.

Some of the finest, most progressive organizations today integrate sales training into their daily business practices. Frequent sales meetings serve as a successful tool to delineate the message to the sales team, who communicate most closely with the prospect.

The capacity to tweak and refine this message is a key component to an effective integrative marketing and sales campaign. The results of the campaign dictate this fine-tune adjusting, while the campaign itself must be continuously tracked.

This campaign tracking and integration of your sales team or recruiting staff into the marketing plan offers a unique difference that Q Group brings to your business development process. Attached, please find an example of metrics we currently use in ensuring our clients’ continuous results.


Business Development