Business Generation Process

Time and time again, we meet with clients who have an impressive product or service, but simply don’t know how to create business opportunities. Where exactly is your organization when it comes to having a clear process for generating business? The Q Group helps you actualize the process by exploring these five critical areas:
Marketing Research and Analysis. Have you identified the need for your product or service? Exactly who has that need? Where do they reside? What do they think? How much do they spend?
Positioning and Branding. Have you clearly defined what makes your product or service unique and beneficial? Have you established a memorable brand?
Product Awareness. How are you making your target audience aware of your product or service? Do you hang where they hang? Are you there when they’re there?
Sales Process. How effective is your team at lead generation? Appointment setting? Sales presentation? What is your close ratio?


Customer Satisfaction. The fact is most people are not comfortable expressing disappointment, so companies often hear only the good and not the negatives. We need the truth.
Once your business generation process has been established, it’s time to put the wheels in motion. It’s time for Q Results.